Zen Fishing

  In the gentle stillness of reflection, I often come to thoughts of Zen fishing—a meditation so ancient and so satisfying that it enfolds me in deep joy and happiness. I experience Zen fishing best when my family vacations one week a year at the edge of this great continent in a cabin on the beach. Here, where there are magnificent sunrises and gentle ocean sounds—here, where terrible and powerful thunderstorms roll dramatically over our heads and out to sea, and here, where numerous lazy moments fill our hours—I can push my worries to the farthest corner of my mind as I engage in this beautiful Zen-like experience.

So opens the latest book by Dorothy K. Fletcher entitled Zen Fishing and Other Southern Pleasures. It shows that living in the South is not just about long, dusty back roads, hell-hot heat, and Lynyrd Skynyrd music. It is also about living in and about celebrating cool evening breezes, radiant beaches, and warm, inviting backyards. Is it any wonder that when contemplating such joyful places and things that a Zen-like state descends upon a person? Reading Zen Fishing and Other Southern Pleasures will certainly "put you in a mind" to feel good about life.

Zen Fishing and Other Southern Pleasures is a collection of delightful essays and poignant poems that touch upon the wonderful aspects of living south of the Mason-Dixon Line. Mountains and beaches, old friends and new, childhood experiences and beyond Zen Fishing takes the reader away from the stresses and distresses of the work-a-day world, and Dorothy K. Fletcher brings what really matters about life into clear focus, allowing the reader to feel peace.

Dorothy K. Fletcher has firsthand knowledge of the world that she describes and obviously loves. Whether it is a surf-fishing meditation or a tall glass of iced tea sipped under a magnolia tree that will not stop dropping its leaves, Fletcher rejoices in her life in the South. And when she helps you hear the lonesome train whistle carried on the night air or smell the nearby ocean in the sea breeze, you too can be part of that world even as you watch the snow flurries strafe your front yard and fill up your just shoveled sidewalk.

Zen Fishing and Other Southern Pleasures
By Dorothy K. Fletcher Publication

Date: June 1, 2005
Ocean Publishing $14.95
ISBN 0-9767291-1-3.


What is Zen Fishing and Other Southern Pleasures if not the music of everyday life in a world that is both giving and forgiving? Dorothy Fletcher has written a generous book, a loving book, a book that her readers can live in and breathe in.

-- William Slaughter
Editor, Mudlark: An Electronic Journal of Poetry & Poetics
Author, Untold Stories and I

Dorothy Fletcher's words reflect a gentle world—one of sunrises and summer berries, shade trees and sweet-scented women, good hearts, good faith, and patient affection. Her images, humor, and insights are painted with a warm patina that softens the heart, soothes the soul, and summons a smile. Zen Fishing is itself a southern pleasure.

--Jayne Jaudon Ferrer, Author of Dancing with my Daughter, A Mother of Sons, A New Mother's Prayers

To purchase copies of Zen Fishing and Other Southern Pleasures, contact the publisher at (386) 517-1600 or at www.ocean-publishing.com.